Although we are a diverse company, our past as well as our future is in aviation. Below are just a few of the many projects we have been involved with.
  • Heat Exchanger ReCore Program development
  • Avionics repair program development in cases that were previously BER
  • Interiors including plastics repair and galley projects
  • General Aviation parts including
    • Carb Heat shrouds​
    • Exhaust risers and muffler crack repairs
    • Aluminum seat frame repair
    • Aluminum air boxes
    • And more....
  • Exhaust components
Our welders are AWS D17.1 certified and we do have a FAA compliant drug and alcohol program.
Piper Carb Shroud Flyer
Piper Carb Shroud Flyer

Carb Heat Shroud These thin boxes often get broken tabs and cracks. Blue Arc can simply weld the cracks or replace the sides of the box.

Aircraft Repair
Aircraft Repair

Exhaust Nozzle Repair We often times find ourselves repairing others previous patches. in this instance not only were we able to replace a section but we also spot welded a doubler back into place.


In cabin air control valve This was a project we built from ground up and was not a repair. It included tube flaring, welding, and fitting.