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           AWS D17.1 Aviation Certified            

FAA Compliant Drug and Alcohol Program

Blue Arc has experience in many different fields.  If you do not see what your looking for then don't assume that we can't or won't do it. With our extensive R & D background we have expanded our processes into areas that even surprised us.   

Tig Welding

We offer Tig welding in thin to thick of various alloys.  Metals include carbon steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, and inconel.  Most of our welders come from and Aviation background and insist on quality.

Mig Welding

Our Mig services are for those carbon steel projects that are a little larger in size.

Silver Brazing

Blue Arc has experience in hand brazing small copper to stainless parts as well as furnace brazing larger more complex parts.

The 100kVa machine is one of the larger spot welders available to outside work in northeast Oklahoma.  It is capable of .090 Aluminum and can be certified to your specific project if required.

Blue Arc is a full service shop.  We have great business relationships with


-Machine Shops

-Sheet Metal Shops

-Sand Blasting

-Paint and Powder Coat Shops

-Heat Treat Service and Labs 


So whether you would like us to complete a project turn key or would like to use only select services, we can accommodate you.


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